Reptile Lighting

Correct lighting or ilumination proves complicated for 2 reasons: species-specific requierments and commercial availability and combinations.

The main difficults seems to be that there is not just one bulb that covers all of the necessities. wheras we may see a bulb that lights up a vivarium, there are a whole range of atributes that need to be considered, for example ultraviolet index or ultraviolet A spectrum that permits reptiles to see things in colour.

Different "groups" of reptiles have different requierments - a nocturnal gecko has extremely differnt requierments of ultraviolet B compared to a diurnal gecko and a tropical rainforest lizard will also differ to a desert lizard.

The objective of this section is to understand reptile lighting and to understand which bulbs are requiered for a given species, subject to market availability.

Points covered:

• Natural light: photoperiod, temperature, spectrums of light

• ¿What lighs does my reptile need?

• Bulbs available commercially

• Different brand bulb comparisson